Darrell Hughes Jr. Memorial Scholarship Trust

Honors the memory of Corsicana High School athlete Darrell Hughes. Award is $500.; Name of Scholarship: Darrell Hughes, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Trust; Funding: The individual trustees of the CISD Board will furnish the trustors the name of the student to whom the scholarship was awarded and the amount of the scholarship. The individual trustees have the sole discretion to withdraw the scholarship from the recipient who does not keep a good record of citizenship during his college or university education or fails to maintain a 2.0 or in the upper one-half of the class, whichever is appropriate.; Amount of Award: $500; Criteria: Recipient must be a male and have been active in a varsity sport at CHS and graduated in the top 50% of his class. Recipients will attend a college or university in Texas. ; Selection Process: CISD Board of Trustees will award graduating students of the CISD District who have met the criteria above. The scholarship money would be paid to the registrar or bursar of the college or university for tuition, books, laboratory fees or dormitory expenses for room and board.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Did you participate in a varsity sport while in high school?
  2. If yes, please list the sport(s)
  3. What is your ranking in your senior class?
  4. I understand if I am awarded this scholarship and do not maintain a good record of citizenship during college (including maintaining a "C" average) this award will be withdrawn from me.