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The application process for the 2022-2023 Navarro College scholarship program will open January 3,2022. By completing only one application, you will be considered for both Navarro College Foundation Scholarships and the Navarro College Scholarships. The computer will “auto match” your application to all available scholarships based on the information you provide. There may be additional specific scholarships you are eligible for based on your intended field of study, family history, residence, GPA, etc. It is important that you provide all requested information
First, you* must* complete the general application. Once all the requested information is provided for the general application the auto match process will start and you will be considered for all scholarships you are eligible for. To be considered for additional specific scholarships criteria (i.e. nursing, sports, technical programs etc.) you must THEN click on the “opportunities” tab, then “recommended.” This will analyze the information you provided and pair your application with additional available scholarships that you may qualify for.

Please remember to answer all questions and provide all requested information. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please call (903-875-7591) if you have questions or require additional information.

Sign Up or Sign In for a Scholarship Account
If you incur problems signing up or into the scholarship account call the NC Help Desk at 903-875-7416

Steps to Sign Up – This is for students who have not created a NCF scholarship application through the scholarship portal.

  1. Enter your Navarro College Email Address (if you have not received your NC Email please use the email address you provided on your application for admissions). This is very important. To log in you must have a valid email address. Please call the Navarro College Help Desk (903-875-7416) if you have questions or need assistance.
  2. Create a Scholarship Password that must contain a minimum of 8 characters and include at least 1 digit, 1 upper case letter, and 1 lowercase letter. NOTE: This will NOT be your Navarro College Email password.
  3. Confirm Your Password.
  4. Log in to your Navarro College Email account. If help is needed with your Navarro College Email please contact the help desk at 903-875-7416.
  5. Click on the link in the email that was sent to you to confirm your identity. Once you have confirmed your account, you can begin accessing the scholarship system.

Steps to Sign In – This is for students who have created a scholarship application in the past. Scholarship Applications are archived each year so a new application must be completed each year beginning in January.

  1. Sign In with your NC Email and Scholarship Password you already created when you signed up to the account in the past.

For details on scholarships, please click on the link to the scholarships below.

The generosity of investors including alumni, community and corporations make all Navarro College Foundation scholarships possible. Interested in joining others in giving back, please contact the Navarro College Foundation office at 903-875-7591 or

Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
Varies Van and Mary Elkins Memorial Scholarship
Name of Scholarship: Van G. and Mary L. Elkins Scholarship Donor: ...
Varies Wayne Stafford Owens Memorial Scholarship
Funded by Mackie Owens, widow of Wayne Stafford Owens, to assist...
$500 William and Elisabeth Stokes Memorial Scholarship
Funded by the estate of William and Elisabeth Stokes, professors during...
Varies Brilliance General Scholarship
For Ellis County students who will be attending Navarro College.
Varies Alvis and Ruth Calame Memorial Scholarship
Funded by the estate of Alvis and Ruth Calame. Recipient must be a...
Varies Barracks Bunch
Name of Scholarship: Barracks Bunch Scholarship Donor: Members of the...
Varies Corsicana Campus
$500 Darrell Hughes Jr. Memorial Scholarship Trust
Honors the memory of Corsicana High School athlete Darrell Hughes. ...
$500 Doug Hightower Criminal Justice Scholarship
Funded by Corsicana Police Officers’ Wives Association and honors the...
$2,200.00 Edwin Bateman Memorial Scholarship
Formerly known as the Midlothian Rotary Club Scholarship Student must...
$500 Emogene Parnell Scholarship
In memory of Emogene Parnell of Dawson, Texas. The scholarship is...
Varies Gene and Dama Stackhouse Scholarship
Funded by Ray Gammon to honor the memory of Gene Stackhouse. Recipient...
Varies Geneva Duncan Davis Scholarship
Must major in Counseling.
Varies Harry McCord Scholarship
Name of Scholarship: Harry Mccord Scholarship Criteria: Student must be...
$1,000.00 Helen and Harrell Gray Scholarship
The Helen and Harrell Gray Scholarship One scholarship awarded per year...
Varies James Worsham Memorial Scholarship
Avalon High School graduate with average grades.
Varies Jay & Daisey Silverberg Scholarship
Must be a music major.
Varies Jim Stephenson/Charles Vess Memorial Scholarship
Name of Scholarship: Jim Stephenson/Charles Vess Memorial...
Varies Joe and Shirley Nussbaum Nursing Scholarship
Name of Scholarship: Joe and Shirley Nussbaum Nursing Scholarship Amount...
Varies John Deere Ag Tech/Ag Scholarship
Name of Scholarship: John Deere Ag Tech/Ag Parts Scholarships Funding:...
Varies John Deere/Houston Scholarship
Varies John Roberts Scholarship
Full-time Computer Science student.
Varies Mable Mabry Memorial Scholarship
Name of Scholarship: Mable Mabry Memorial Scholarship Criteria: Must be...
$1,000.00 Melanie Ashmore Scholarship
Name of Scholarship: Melanie Ashmore Scholarship Fund Amount of Award:...
$1,000.00 Mexia High School Class of 1959 Scholarship
Mexia High School Class of 1959 Scholarship to be awarded to a graduate...
$2,800.00 Officer Brent Thompson Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is dedicate to the memory of Officer Brent Thompson. To...
Varies Ollie Bius Memorial Scholarship
Name of Scholarship: Ollie Bius Memorial Nursing Scholarship Amount of...
Varies Pa Saar and Jason Trier Memorial Scholarship
Honors the memory of Pa Sarr and Jason Trier, Navarro College basketball...
Varies Ruth Nobles Memorial Scholarship
Name of Scholarship: Ruth Nobles Memorial Scholarship Amount of Award:...
Varies Sandy Watson Memorial Scholarship
Funded by the Navarro County Firefighters Association. This scholarship...
Varies South Campus
The South Campus Scholarship benefits students of Navarro College...
$1,000.00 The Bob and Beanie McElroy Nursing Program Scholarship
The Bob and Beanie McElroy Nursing Program Scholarship Two $1000.00...
Varies The John Jennings Memorial Scholarship
Funded by the late Forrest Green in memory of John Jennings to assist...
Varies Tom and Edwina White Memorial Scholarship (Lakerz)
Funded by friends of Tom and Edwina White. A general academic...
$500 Tom Waldrop Agricultural Scholarship
Must major in Agriculture.
Varies Trend Gathering and Treating
Funded by employees of Trend Gathering and Treating facilitiy at Teague,...
$500 United Methodist Women Grace Swinborn Jaynes Memorial Scholarship
Funded by the United Methodist Women’s Auxilliary in Corsicana. ...
Varies Weldon Hafley Family Basketball Scholarship
Weldon Hafley Family Basketball Scholarship The number of scholarships...
Varies Chevron Petroleum Scholarship
Funded by Chevron Petroleum Company and awarded to student in the...
Varies Kimray, Inc. Petroleum Technology Scholarship
Name of Scholarship: Kimray, Inc. Petroleum Technology...
Varies Harold Crouch Micronesian Scholarship
Honors the memory of Harold Crouch, longtime international student...
Varies Chesapeake Petroleum Scholarship
Funded by Chesapeake Petroleum Company for students in the petroleum...
$1,000.00 Corsicana Community Scholars Scholarship
$500 Ken Clark Memorial Scholarship
Funded by family and former players of Ken Clark, Navarro’s first coach....